DO you focus on solutions OR do you focus on Problems ? WELL

Everybody has problems, Who Doesn’t ?the difference is that, successful people don’t focus on the problems ,instead they focus on the solutions. Do you know why ??

When you focus on Problems, will get more problems.it gives you back ,the control over your life and lets you resolve the troubles .

If you were to dwell too long in the problem stage ? You might get more and more depressed about a situation. This creates an unresourceful state ,that doesn’t help in solving problems and the problems all the sudden get bigger and bigger.it then becomes so big that some people just resign to their fate and accept the problems to be part of their lives .

Just remember that, what you focus on expands .if you focus on Problems, you will get more problems. If you focus on salutations, you will get more solutions. Choice is yours


Once you fail, if you keep on rehearsing the problem. You repeat the problem.AT Times people, who have failed let the problem, occupy their mind and life .

Those who want to succeed understand and analyze the problem and focus on solutions. This is to way to succeed and live.

Do not let your problem blow up like a balloon and then make it look so big.That it looks impossible to solve yes,

Keep your problems in proper perspective and then don’t focus on them instead, focus on the solutions .

Those who focus on the solutions get them,and They are on their way to success .

Make success in A Habit .

Sucess is not a one time achievement. People misunderstand ,what sucess is

Therefore, the secret success,” sucess means succeding again and again .

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.The secret of your success is found in your daily routine—John Maxwell .

Do you know many people wonder, how they can become highly successful, not realising, that, they hold within them everything.They need to achieve all of the success, They desire.

Successful people where they are to day because of their habits . Everything that you today, and everything that you will ever accomplish is determined by the quality by the quality of the habits that you form .

If you want a successful person By creating good habits and adopting a positive behaviour, you too can become successful and live a prosperous life .

The good news is that, you can become a wonderful human being in your relationships with others when you decide to .

Sucess starts with good habits, what you do each day will determine your future. Thus if you want to live a good life, devlop good habits .

Just i am going share with you, my suggestion about, how can our habits build our success .

The first habits is to goal oriented, second is results driven, which base that your continuously learning, so that, you become better at what you do . then sure you practice time management.and the Major Habit you need to develop is that, continually taking action. Which is really the most hab towards success .

If you want to improve and get ahead everyday .you must reflect on your day .just ask yourself at the end of the day, ” if to day were the last day of my life, would i want to do, what i am about to do to day ?

Do you know that, stev jobs used this technique to improve his day too .

Do you know, powerful daily habit that one can develop is the habit of saving money, so set a target for yourself how much to save each day.it can be any amount because the amount is not all that important. The key is to develop the habit of saving money .

BE Productive , optimize your work then you must learn to prioritize your work.

Mind it, you talk about your dreams with the Right people ,who will support encourage and tell you that, it is possible .make it daily habit to talk about your dreams and goals each day .

You sure make a business connections.this is especially true, if you want to build a successful business. So comimit to making a business connection each day .

If you want to train your brain to feel good every time, when you accomplished something so that, you will look forward to accomplishing more, incorporate this into your daily life make it your habit.

Success breeds more success.it gives you a sense of victory and boosts your confidence too .

Convert obstacle into challenge .

OBSTACLES don’t have to stop you, if you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up . figure out, how to climb it .go through it or work around it.”MICHAEL JORDAN .

OBSTACLE appear in many different forms obstructing ,you from your goal, Whether temporary or permanent depending upon your personality . obstacles Are life interesting.Accept that, Obstacles are normal — life happens and not always the way we want it to . That’s life. OBSTACLE are nothing more than temporary detours to your destination.But even detours will get you, where you are heading but you just have to trust the signs.

Look at the OBSTACLE and find out , how you can convert an OBSTACLE into a challenge

Never look at a stumbling block and stumble over it.look at the stumbling block and then climb on top of it.

Step over it , and convert it into a stepping stone and and soon your Obstacles will be converted into challenges and opportunities of success.

When you are on your success journey and you find an OBSTACLE consider it to be a challenge and attack’ it.you will win , yes All are successful people have done this. You can too .


Do you know, why don’t we succeed in life , because we don’t think that, we can succeed and we don’t believe in the power of of ourselves . Have you ever thought, ” what would happen, if birds thought, that they cannot fly ? You would have millions of birds on Earth, flapping their wings but staying on the ground, yes it’s true that birds can fly, because they think they can. Hence, young birds open their wings and they discover flight. They Are up in the Air enjoying the Breeze and the trees.

But the same way, successful people started achieving success just because, they thought they could, They wanted to succeed, there was a compelling reason for them to achieve success .which acts as a fuel to take into success orbit.

But un successful people tend to say things like’ i’ am just not good with numbers.” ” I just don’t think ,i can run a successful business.They put limits on themselves and excuse. Their behaviour. But it’s really just a way of underachieving and aiming low enough to not miss.

Just my suggestion to all,if you really want to success, look at your complelling reason.Either the reason must be compelling enough to make you move, because success doesn’t happen to anybody and everybody.it happiness to those, who really want to succeed. The ones who really have a reason for wanting that , Magic called success.

Start thinking ” you can ” . open your wings, you too have the power to fly.

Start thinking, now that, you can. Then success will follow.


There is nothing Earth ,that you cannot have once you have. Mentally accepted the fact, that, you can have it .RObert Collier.

Living life is can be very challenging at times.you get confused and frustrated by what you’re doing, or where you’re going .But you know, your world is a Reflection of your thought.

Powerful thoughts, affect your life and can affect other people, so Be careful of what you think.

First of all you know that, you are the pilot of your own plane.your plane is your life and you are in command of your plane .you are in the pilot seat and you have controls in your hands,just like a pilot,can take it plane to any destination, you can take your life to any destination because it’s your life and you have to make the choice of what you want .you take charge of your own life, you pilot your plane to a destination of your choice, know where you want to go . choose the right direction, put in the right fuel, take off, land, arrive and succeed.

The way you think and feel about yourself. Including your beliefs and expectations about ,what is possible for you determines , everything do and everything that happens to you .

When you change the quality of your thinking, you change the quality of your life, sometimes instantly you have complete control over only one thing in the universe -your thinking you can decide what you are going to think in any given situation. Your thoughts and the way you interpret any event trigger your feelings, positive or Negetive. Your thoughts and feelings lead to your actions and determine the results , you get, it all starts with your thoughts .

Now January is a time of quite and new beginning is the perfect time to reflect on how you want to live your life . Now get ready to refocus on your priorities and set goals .

Change your thought and change your life .

Thought affecting your brain.

Researchers at King collage London found that, repetitive negative thinking may increase your risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Remember at this time ,there is no cure for Alzheimer’s.so this deserves your attention,a habit of prolonged negative thinking deminishes your brains ability to think reason, and form memories Essentially draining your brain’s. Negative thoughts create ‘channels’ in your brain.this way of thinking can become your default.if you do a lot of negative thinking, you wire your brain to be good at good at negetive thoughts.your brain also gets good at seeing things to think negetively about one of the many by products of negative thinking is stress. Which to leads to more negative thinking. BE Aware your Negetive thoughts .

Identify your thought.

Thought are giant powers and aso more powerful than electricity.your mind is extraordinarily powerful.but your thoughts control and determine almost everything , that happens to you.your thought release chemicals in the brain. When you feel happy or optimistic cortisol decreases and the brain produces, serotonin, creating a feeling of well-being.Then you sure that, you are now in positive thought . But when you feel about the opposite, like that, your thoughts disempower you and make you feel weaker and less confident .that is negetive thought .this time whenever you think or say something Negetive, you give your power away,you feel angry and defensive, you feel frustrated and unhappy. Overtime thinking can make you physically ill, and even poison your relationships. Be care and Be aware !! Life is Only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see .. ever wonder why some people always seem happy.while others are borderline miserable ? Honestly believe it because of, what we choose to focuse on.

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BE Aware OF Your thought.

Hello friends !!!

Welcome to my first blog post . In this blog,i shared my journey of blogger.my name is kalpana ,am very excited to share my thought.

Do you know, A Single thought can change your world.whatever you send out of your mind comes back to you.Every thought you think is a boomerang. Your thoughts can make you happy or sad.they can make you alert and aware or distracted and depressed.they can make you popular or unpopular.positiv or Negetive. Your thought can make you feel powerful or powerless. A victim or a victor, a hero or a coward.it also make you a success or a failure.your thoughts can effect your health. So it’s important to recognise our Be aware of the effect of your thoughts .if you like my post please comment, share and like .